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Capybara Clicker

DX Interactive

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Game Description

Capybara Clicker is an incremental clicker game where players click on a cute capybara to generate coins. The coins can be used to upgrade and purchase items that will automatically earn more coins over time.

The goal is to click and earn as many coins as possible to keep upgrading the game to get even more coins per second. There is no end – just see how far you can progress!

Screenshot of Capybara Clicker game showing finger clicking the capybara character to earn coins during active gameplay session. Current coin amount and upgrades visible.

🎮 How to Play Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker has very simple controls requiring only your mouse:

  • 🖱️ Left Click on the capybara to earn coins
  • 🖱️ Left Click on upgrades to purchase using coins


  • 🖱️Click rapidly on the capybara to earn basic coins
  • 💰 Spend coins on upgrades that auto-generate more coins
  • 🔁 Repeat process to exponentially increase coins/second


There are various upgrades to boost your earnings:

  • ⚙️ Click Power – Increase coin value of clicks
  • 📈 Auto-Clickers – Automatically generate clicks
  • 🎪 Recreations – Mini games that earn coins over time

💡 Tips & Tricks Capybara Clicker

  • 🖱️Tap quickly to build up initial coin supply
  • 📈 Prioritize auto-clicker upgrades first
  • ⏰ Check back often to spend large coin amounts
  • 💡 Reset after progression slows down
Capybara Clicker